Scarra aroused: won’t be voting Liberal again

ScoMo Like Sheep

” … like herding sheep through the gate.”

By Gary Scarrabelotti

Perhaps you too have received a begging letter from the Federal Director of the Liberal Party, Andrew Hirst. I received mine dated today, 14 December.

Quite understandably, Andrew is concerned about richly funded, left wing, faux-independent candidates running in key federal electorates against sitting Liberal Members with the not-so-hidden agenda of putting the Labor Party into power.

There was a time when I would have shared Andrew’s concerns. But nowadays not so much. Indeed, hardly at all. Really, I can’t see why I should be disturbed by the prospect of a Labor government in Canberra when we already have one in power there, albeit in Coalition disguise. Come to think of it, having a real Labor government in charge federally would have the advantage of authenticity.

“… having a real Labor government in charge federally would have the advantage of authenticity.”

I thought, then, that Andrew deserved a short explanation for the change in my dispositions toward the Liberal Party. So, I wrote him a letter. This is what I had to say, slightly edited:

Dear Andrew

While ever the Liberal Party at the Federal level is led by Scott Morrison and continues to pursue the policies it has prosecuted since early 2020 in response to the Wuhan virus, the Liberal Party will have no support from me in any coming election.

The measures with which the Morrison government and the Liberal Party now identify are abhorrent to me. These include: the mass destruction of Australian small business; the vast increase in the debt incurred by Federal and State governments; de facto compulsory vaccination with an experimental drug; the refusal of effective early treatments to those infected by the Wuhan virus; the abandonment of national health decision-making to an unelected, globalist health bureaucracy; the failure of the federal government to exercise its responsibility for quarantine and to uphold the free movement of our people across state borders; and, finally, and most dishonestly, enabling, via its vaccine certification system, the imposition of vaccine passports by the State and Territory governments.

I will support, of course, any Liberal Party parliamentarian or other candidate for election who shares my rejection of the Party’s betrayal of our country. Otherwise, I will be casting my vote against the Morrison government and against any MP, Senator or candidate who has supported, even if only by their silence, the unpatriotic and immoral policies to which the Liberal Party has committed itself.

Yours sincerely,

Gary Scarrabelotti

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  1. Baz

    A bit over the top maybe

    I share your concern about the damage to small business and the buildup of debt. I’m not that sure of what the alternatives were but it would have been useful to have more ideas canvassed.

    The issue of “de facto compulsory vaccination is with an experimental drug” (I can’t put this in italics) is rather different. The vaccines are not experimental drugs. They may have had less trialing than many other drugs but scientists I have spoken to regard them as properly tested. Remember these are scientists and not unsuccessful lawyers and marketing spin doctors.

    I don’t see that treatment has been refused to those affected by the virus. Rather the major effort has been to limit the number infected so that there will be enough resources to treat them.

    The unelected health bureaucracy, I agree, should not make the decisions but they should advise impartially and fearlessly like all proper public servants and the politicians should make the final decision. Of course, the pollies should be able to explain why they accept or reject such advice as they receive.

    And, of course, the failure of Morrison and his band to use the powers given to them in the Constitution over Quarantine for good reason. Unfortunately, this is another example of Conservative governments (Ok — and Labor too — trying to show how fiscally responsible they are) withdrawing services because they are not immediately needed.

    Morrison is an idiot as are many of this ministers. I won’t be voting for his candidate this election either .

    Don’t forget who are the most to benefit from tight procedures ae those in their 60s, 70s etc. Next one is only 19 days away.

    Barry Campbell

  2. DCCD


    The letter to Andrew Hirst is superb. Crisp, lucid and comprehensive. Bravo!

    David Daintree
    Colebrook, Tas

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