No more rusted on

Another “Scotty from Marketing” fail.

By Gary Scarrabelotti

It seems that my letter to David Hirst has struck a chord.

You’d think that a ‘blogger’ – I use the term advisedly – who’s dropped out of sight for two years would find himself, on return to the blogosphere, wholly — and deservedly — in oblivion.

But it need not be so.

You have only to mention Prime Minister Scott Morrison, the Liberal Party and the Wuhan Virus all together in one brief blog – and boom!

Well, I was taken aback (and gratified) by the number and warmth of the responses that my return blog brought forth.

One of them was so striking that I feel compelled, with the author’s permission, to share it with you. Here is the (slightly edited) text of a letter he dispatched to our PM a little more than a month ago:

7 November 2021

Dear Mr. Morrison,

I’m writing to express extreme dissatisfaction with your performance as Prime Minister in the present crisis that afflicts our nation.

My wife and I are absolutely disgusted with your refusal to denounce the tyrannical overreach of Mr. Andrews, to stand up for the precious freedoms that Australians have always enjoyed, and to keep our internal borders open.  The Constitution grants no immigration powers to the states or territories yet you’ve allowed them to get away with these outrageous closures that have caused extreme hardship and heartbreak to so many individuals and businesses.

Australia is the only country, or one of only a tiny number, that has imposed internal border closures between its secondary political divisions.  How can that possibly be justified?  How can you have allowed this to happen?

We expected that as Prime Minister you would publicly proclaim that we are one sovereign country within our national borders and that there can be no possible justification — political, medical, or economic — for internal border closures.

We expected that as Prime Minister you would show some willingness to listen to the many highly competent and respected medical authorities worldwide who have pleaded for some sanity in the response to the pandemic.  At the very least we expected that you would understand that the current vaccines, which have not been subjected to rigorous long-term testing, protect no one but the person receiving them (not to mention increasing evidence of their deleterious effects), and speak and act accordingly.

But to our deep disgust you’ve shown yourself prepared to countenance controls on the population that require many workers and professionals to be vaccinated for no justifiable medical reason, or alternatively to either resign or be dismissed from their positions.  Under your unprincipled leadership our beautiful country has become the laughingstock of the entire world for its transition to what is now effectively a totalitarian state.  Such is and will be your contemptible legacy as Prime Minister of this country.

On both this issue and the climate issue you have apparently decided to listen only to fear-mongering bureaucrats and globalist powers instead of to balanced and authoritative advice from highly reputable specialists and researchers in their respective fields.

By your egregious lack of principle, integrity, and leadership you have betrayed the trust that we and so many other voters placed in you and your party at the last election.  For reasons that we cannot begin to comprehend you seem determined to placate the left side of politics and to humour people who have never voted for you and never will vote for you, while evidently prepared to alienate those, such as ourselves, who did.

My wife and I, both now in our 70s, are lifelong LNP voters.  However, we will never ever again vote for your party, such is our disgust at your total abrogation of political leadership when it was needed more than almost any previous time in our history.


Gerard A. Joseph


A reservation

For the sake of completeness, I should record here that, in the course of our correspondence about his letter, Mr. Joseph mentioned one reservation:

In retrospect, the part about Australia becoming a laughing stock seems somewhat questionable now, given that various countries in Europe seem to be implementing measures at least as oppressive as ours, and perhaps more so in some cases, but that was how I saw it in early November!

tt seems, indeed, that Australia’s honour can be saved only by a greater lunacy on the part of some foreign government.

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