Rado’s story

Rado Faletič: 48, scientist, married, children, Pfizer vaxxed, injured.

Case inexplicable to conventional medicine.

By Gary Scarrabelotti

The message said, “Apologies for not replying to your previous email. My health was a bit of a wreck last week.”

Nothing unusual there.  Any of us could have received a message like that from a friend or colleague or sent such.  Feeling crook from time to time, being laid low for a week or so, it’s not uncommon.  We get sick, we get over it.  Even severe illness, we master.

Problem is that this message hit my In Box on 7 August last and my new friend had been “a bit of a wreck” — and more — since 19 October 2021.

“Poor cove,” you say. “Evidently, he’s got a chronic illness.  That’s no good.  It happens.  Hope he gets through it.”

So do I.

Problem is how he got sick.  He did so by doing ‘what the doctor tells you’ — and not just ‘the doctor’ but the whole medical profession, backed by its disciplinary bodies, and these reinforced in turn by our public health bureaucracies and, ultimately, behind them, by the minatory powers of the state.


You see, my friend, Rado Faletič, took his first Pfizer dose on what proved for him a fateful day, 19 October 2021.

“My very first symptom, within hours, was intense pain in the lymph nodes on my left side.“When I woke on the second day, my entire body went completely numb. That scared the heck out of me. From there, my list of symptoms grew. Many waned over the following weeks, but a few persisted.”

I had known about Rado’s case since 13 June 2022.  On that day, my attention was grabbed by an unusual article posted smack-bang on a prominent mainstream media website.

Written by News Limited journalist Frank Chung, the article appeared on the news.com.au website with a startling header: Outright lying’: Australian scientist hits out at TGA after ‘life changing’ Covid vaccine injury.

Well, I thought, that bloke Frank Chung must have the “Right Stuff” to have written a piece like that and submitted it to his editors.  That’s taking a punt on your career, surely?  And what of his editors?  Had they received a message from somewhere (from above or maybe even from within) that here was a story they could not ignore?

“Truth passes through three stages: first, it is ridiculed; second, it is violently opposed; third, it is accepted as self-evident.”

To tell the truth, I was so astonished by Frank Chung’s piece that my attempts, there and then, to make contact with my fellow Canberran, Rado Faletič, were punch drunk.

“Great, it’s ‘out there’!  But what can I do?”

In contrast to my confused sentiments and half-hearted attempt to send Rado a supportive message, others were on fire.

“Within minutes of [Frank Chung’s] story hitting the web, I began getting phone calls and messages from hundreds and hundreds of other vaccine-injured Australians, all of them previously thinking they were alone, and like me they were suffering ongoing and severe disabilities due to their Covid vaccinations.”

So spoke Rado on 31 May at a Canberra meeting organised by the Australian Medical Professionals Society (AMPs).  I wrote about it (here) in my last blog post.

I had gone there, as I said, to hear Dr Aseem Malhotra, the ‘unconventional’ British cardiologist who did, indeed, confirm my already favourable impressions.

What I was not expecting was to hear Rado speak.  Nor was I expecting another vaccine injury report from a Kara Potter, a lady of whom I had heard nothing until she began to speak that same evening.  Together, their stories had a more than sobering effect.  It’s one thing to know something – or to think you know it.  It’s another to encounter it as living, suffering realities.

Science man

Anyway, to Rado.

He is a scientist – now 48 years old, married with children – and a doctoral graduate of the Australian National University in the aerodynamics of hypersonic flight.  He runs a consulting business advising governments and universities on managing “big science” projects.  Since his encounter with the Pfizer vax, however, his professional work has been ‘seriously curtailed’.

What Rado had to say of his thinking back before his first “jab” speaks of caution and naiveté — many of us, at the time, shared with him a bit of both:

“I waited a little while [before taking the vaccine] … I work with technology … so I understand with a new product, new technology there could be some things we don’t know about.

“I thought, enough time has passed, surely our government would have flagged any reaction of concern.”

You’d think.

So, Rado did what most did back then: he believed; he trusted; he did his bit.

“My very first symptom, within hours, was intense pain in the lymph nodes on my left side.

“When I woke on the second day, my entire body went completely numb. That scared the heck out of me. From there, my list of symptoms grew. Many waned over the following weeks, but a few persisted.”

No worries, he had a doctor’s assurance.  Extended reactions weren’t uncommon.  It’s safe to take another dose.  And so it was, on 9 November 2021, Rado lined up again:

“Within hours of my second Pfizer shot … all of my existing symptoms got much worse. In particular, I started developing sharp pains in my chest. Like I was being poked by needles. From the inside.

“And… the brain fog became oppressive.”

Off to his local hospital Rado went.  A battery of tests followed.  Results?  All good!

(Well, not exactly.  There was that D‑dimer test we did. It showed an elevated risk of blood clotting.  But don’t worry, that’s got nothing to do with the vaccine.)


As it happened, I had heard about a clotting risk not later than October 2020.  It was identified as Risk No 1 with the “spike protein” employed in the mRNA vaccines.  And here we were, 13 months later, at Rado’s (and my) local hospital, and this same warning hadn’t seeped through, apparently, to the staff.

Could that really be so?

No-one was saying.  Lips were sealed, but not quite.

“I asked them if they’d seen many people with issues after their Covid vaccinations. They said, and I quote, “we’ve had a steady stream of people every day”.

“That was the moment I knew we were not being told the truth about the extent of serious reactions.”

Shut down

Meantime, that untold truth was burning Rado up.

His symptoms were many and painful: “neurological, cardiac and systemic”;  his capacity to work – “even just to get through the day” – collapsed; to walk more than a few metres carried him to the brink of “shut down”; he kept lurching to his left side and crashing into things; in conversation, he couldn’t remember words and, after a couple of minutes, “could no longer process” what others were saying.

“My emotions became unstable, fluctuating from the inability to feel any emotion, to extreme emotions like suicidal ideation and intense rage.”

Three more times Rado staggered off to hospital Emergency.  Each time, there were more tests.  Each time, his condition was pronounced “normal”.

Rado described what happened to him on his third visit:

“I was explaining my symptoms to the triage nurse; I got to about number 15 and she said, ‘Finally! A real symptom.’ ”

I can’t help rendering here a superfluous interpretation: ‘Mr Faletič, you’re either a hypochondriac or delusional.’  Which is why, as Rado reports from his by now extensive contacts among the vaccine injured, that not a few of them have been diagnosed with psychological disorders.

“Many of these patients later get tests that prove serious neurological, cardiac, or immune system problems.”

Soviet era mental health institutions spring to mind: in one wing, the staff dealt with their ordinary patients; in another secure wing, they ‘treated’ political and religious dissenters.

Are we coming to that?

Be that as it may, Rado wanted answers — something which the doctors and nurses to whom he had recourse could not (or would not) provide.  So, he turned to the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA), our guarantor of pharmaceutical safety.

See nothings

Rado made personal reports to the TGA on his case.  He supplied his test results and described the course of his symptoms.  He wanted advice to guide treatment of his condition.


“I’ve done 50 rounds with the TGA on this.”

Even after he reported that two of his blood relatives had also experienced similarly serious adverse reactions, the TGA told him that they don’t actively follow up such cases, neither with those reporting them nor with their treating doctors.

“I was gobsmacked. How can our drug regulator tell the Australian public that serious reactions are ‘mild and short-lived’, when they make no effort to verify that this is the case?”

Clearly, then, the good people at our local hospital could not have helped Rado, or any like him.  No-one had been warned — from above! —  about the range of vaccine risks; no-one had been advised about how to respond.  Therefore, they ‘knew nothing’.  Short of a protocol handed down from the grey empyrean of public health where dwells the TGA – a lesser divinity among the global many, it must be said — Case Rado was inexplicable.  Private study, professional judgement, Hippocratic initiatives to treat — these had no place, no role to play.

What to do?

Well, after that avalanche of personal messages that Frank Chung’s article unleashed upon him, Rado knew.

For a start, he had to draw together the cases, as many as possible, of those who had been vaccine stricken like himself. He co-founded a charity called COVERSE to connect those who had been injured and to record what had happened to them or to those that they had lost.

As a result, he has been able to draw some preliminary conclusions about the vaccine injured.

For instance, the average time it takes seriously vax-injured patients to see “any” improvement in their condition is “well over 6 months.”

Also, women — as well as young males — suffered heart inflammation after vaccination.

“In our patient support groups middle-aged women account for 60 per cent of our cases.”


One of the main objectives of COVERSE is to secure support from government for the vaccine injured.  Sounds fair.  The government decreed.  The people complied.  Many were badly knocked about — some permanently — as they bent before the storm of “mandates.”  A clear-cut case of government responsibility, you’d reckon.

“Under the Government [vaccine injury] compensation program, the vast majority of patients (including myself) are ineligible to apply, and we do not have access to any other government support. And the majority of those who were mandated to get the shot are having their compo claims rejected.”

The pretence that real vaccine injured people are no more than rare statistical outliers is maintained doggedly by government and the ruling echelons of our public health system.

“It didn’t happen to you. You’re lying. You’re an anti-vaxxer.”

Studied indifference to Covid ‘war’ casualties reigns.  Christine Maddap of The Australian captured this cold reality in a piece entitled Australians injured by Covid vaccines ‘forgotten’.  It confirms Rado’s experience in spades.

To put it succinctly, the Federal government’s compensation scheme is designed not to recognise vaccine injury but to treat it as epiphenomenal.

The same mentality prevails in the Australian Medical Association (AMA), the “peak body” representing (and servicing) our doctors.  Its journal, the Medical Journal of Australia publishes a subscription newsletter MJA Insight.

In September 2022, MJA Insight interviewed a number of vaccine injured people together with some top-flight medical specialists.  What happened next is emblematic:

“The article was written, it was ready to go to press. But at the last minute it was withheld … When asked for an explanation, the editor-in-chief’s excuse was that they ‘didn’t want to encourage anti-vaxxers’ ”

A year has gone by, and the article remains spiked. Rado sums up the ruling orthodoxy on vaccine injury:

“It didn’t happen to you. You’re lying. You’re an anti-vaxer.”

Thinking about Rado’s story, an obiter dicta attributed to the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer comes to mind:

“Truth passes through three stages: first, it is ridiculed; second, it is violently opposed; third, it is accepted as self-evident.”

There is, I’m afraid, a long road ahead before we reach the point where the truth about Covid vaccine injuries “is accepted as self-evident”.

We already know, however, who will be esteemed in that future time to have been the true heroes of our own day.

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