Scarra Blog is a project combining political analysis and critical opinion led by Gary Scarrabelotti.

Gary Scarrabelotti is the founder and director of the Canberra-based business and political consulting firm Aequum Pty Ltd.

In his capacity as Director, Aequum: Political & Business Strategies, Gary combines roles as a political analyst, adviser and advocate on business issues with those of a writer and editor.

Scarra Blog’s mission is simple: without ideological blinkers or the filter of intellectual fashion, to look directly at the world and to tell how it is.

No-one thinks or writes in a vacuum. No-one can. A few, basic convictions underpin the Scarra Blog enterprise:

  • That the individual, the family, and all the variety and complexity of civil society do not exist to uphold the state; the state exists to uphold them.
  • That, particularly in our time, the individual, family, and civil society should grow in relation to the state, and that the state should shrink in deference to them.
  • That private property and a free economy are fundamental to the freedom of individuals and families and to free discourse and action in civil society at large.
  • That the nation is a kind of family pledged to preserve and defend the life, identity and just interests of its members.
  • That given the responsibilities of the nation it has, necessarily, a sovereign character; this demands that the nation be sufficiently robust and well led, to uphold itself, not only against other nations, but also against a non-sovereign “global community” and its imperial pretensions.