Like Kremlin, like Deep State

The Fog of Regime-ology

Reading the Deep State is like reading the Kremlin.

“The West has become that which it claims to oppose.”

The Fog of Régime-ology| By The Z Man* | Taki’s Magazine | 25 April 2022

A Must Read posted by Gary Scarrabelotti

*The Z Man is the nom de plume of an American blogger and contributor to “Taki’s Magazine” who has been writing under that name since at least 2013.
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When bears fall out

Russia wants Ukraine back. West Ukrainians say Ni.

The Bear Hug | by James Taub | Foreign Policy | November 29, 2013

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America plays monopoly, Russia plays chess

Russia responds to the incomprehensible self-destruction of America’s global influence.

By Spengler | Asia Times | September 16, 2013

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John McCain’s Syrian delusions

“The lofty notion of ‘responsibility to protect’ is a fraud …”

John McCain’s Syrian delusions | by Bruce Thornton | Real Clear Politics | June 19, 2013

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Restoring the Turkish threat to Europe

American and German policies lay the foundations for a new Turkish empire. 

The US helps reconstruct the Ottoman Empire | by Robert E. Kaplan | Gatestone Institure | May 29, 2013

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