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Mohamed Ali Elomar

Australia needs to suspend immigration for a lifetime.

By Gary Scarrabelotti

In The Australian February 8: “Terror unit for jailed radicals.”

The on-line version of the story is here.

The problem: there are large number of Islamic extremists in NSW gaols many of whom are wholly unrepentant and who are using the prison system as a recruiting ground for a new generation of Islamic radicals.

One of those bothering NSW Police is Mohamed Ali Elomar (pictured above) who was jailed for 28 years for leading the 2005 “Pendennis” terror plot. Elomar is just one of some 100 others of the same kind in the NSW prison system.

How did we come to this?

Why we’re here

It’s simple, really: our policies of so-called “non-discriminatory” immigration and multiculturalism.

But because of the superior wisdom of those who bought Australia this point, by their policies in government and tireless media propaganda, we now need special laws and special intelligence units to monitor and contain not only the activities of Islamic radicals in our broader community but also in our prisons within which — following French and British ‘models’ — Islamist ideological training networks have been formed.

Given the view of our political and cultural leaders that non-discriminatory immigration policies and multiculturalism represent the apex of civilised life, then, in order to sustain life at such a high peak, we must tolerate, in practice, a certain level of Islamist proto-insurgency as well as draconian security laws, expanded security forces, and closer surveillance of our daily lives in order to hold this threat in check.  This is what is called “civilised living” and it cannot be had except by paying precisely this kind of price.

And let’s not delude ourselves. Almost all of us are complicit in this absurdity. We’ve spent our lives listening to — and being taken in by — prophecies of societal reinvention and salvation preached by our own Brahmin caste of intellectuals; and then, in deference to them, we’ve voted in the governments, both Labour and Coalition, that have implemented these policies.

In reality, so-called “conservative” governments have proved more effective than Labor in designing the suite of policies that have brought us to where we are today. The price we’ve had to pay in return for their “sovereign borders” policy has been a ramped-up legal immigration-cum-refugee program plus an intensified internal security régime.

To drain the Islamist swamp we’ve allowed to form in our midst will take some time.


If we really wanted to do it, we’d have to consider, among other policy measures, either one of two courses:

Option 1: to ban further immigration of Muslims into Australia; or

Option 2: to suspend all immigration into Australia for a lifetime.

Option 1, by singling out the Muslim community for an immigration ban, runs a risk of compounding the problem we already have.  We could end up pushing, inadvertently, uncommitted (or not overtly committed) Muslims into the camp of the mujahideen – the warriors of Allah.

Option 1, moreover, does not address the broader problem of a decline in social cohesion and mutual rapport necessarily the consequence of our widely boasted world-beating immigration and refugee policies.

Far better, then, Option 2. It would give our country some time in which to digest the immigration profligacy we’ve known since the mid-1990s.

Neither of these things are likely to happen, however, neither the cruder policy nor the wiser.

And why would that be?

Because the brilliant people — you know, the ones who are shouting “Australia is the most successful multicultural country in the world” — are more likely to convert to Islam than to admit that their immigration policies have been wrong.

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